Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simple Simon's - Riverside, CA

Stopped in for a quick breakfast.  This place is a Riverside icon and conveniently located downtown next to the Mission Inn.  Had a bagel with cream cheese that was exceptional, perfectly toasted and freshly baked.  4.25

Kari had eggs over medium with chicken apple sausage  the sausage was homemade and beautifully put together.  I watched the cook meticulously ensuring they were perfect as I was paying.  Kari enjoyed both the sausage and the eggs  4.25

Food was fast, it was at the table before I finished paying (though that was mostly due to the jabber-jaw ahead of me in line.)

By coincidence, we also got to try their pasta salad with pesto at a party later in the day.  This was really a great example of their attention to detail.  The pasta was perfectly cooked and the pesto bursting with flavor.  4.75

They are a must try if you're in town.

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