Monday, June 25, 2012

Pasta Moon - Half Moon Bay, CA

We stumbled into this place after a long day of driving up the California coast on route 1.  The views were spectacular, and the drive very pleasant - but now we were hungry!  We decided to see what Tripadvisor had to say and they identified this place as #1 of 45, and barely 100 feet from where we were standing.  Sounds like fate!

Bad news was, they didn't open until 5:30, so we had twenty minutes to wait.  The bar was open, so we enjoyed a beer and some helpful talk from the friendly bartender.  Before we knew it, it was time to eat.

The waitress was knowledgeable and helpful,and the specials were numerous and enticing.  The pictures don't do the food justice, the lighting from the setting sun just wouldn't let me get them right.  You'll also notice based on the last few posts that the photos go in unedited due to being on the road and lacking my usual photo editing software.  I decided to leave these in so you could at least get an idea what they looked like.  Trust me though, they looked a lot better in person:

Kari started with Spring Pea and Fava Salad with Feta Cheese and a Lemon/Mint Dressing.  They caught me by surprise with the intense flavor, but after a second I really enjoyed them.  It was served cold and was very refreshing.  We scored them a 4.25.

I had the Sweet Corn Soup which was delicious and creamy, even though it was pretty much all corn.  There was no cream in it, but you wouldn't know.  It was completely blended and piping hot.  I gave it a 4.25 as well.

For the Main Course, Kari had the Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Butter and Marscapone Cheese.  They had an italian amaretti cookie crumble that added to the sweetness.  She enjoyed them and gave them a 3.75.

I had the special: Skate Wing with Sweet Pea Mousse, Curriy Red Lentils and Micro Greens.  The Skate was lightly pan seared and the Lentils flavorful but not too spicy.  The Pea Mousse was a little weird, but actually brought the whole dish together.  I liked this a lot, and scored it a 4.25.

The decor here is really cool, especially the grey cat or, organic mousetrap, as it was referred to as.  The rooms are spacious with a modern feel, but still an italian flair.  We will come again next time we pass through.

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