Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lulu - Palm Springs, CA

This restaurant has a unique and interesting motif.  Full of artwork and modern looking decor.  Lots of pastel colors, bubbling columns of water and a really nice bar area.  They call themselves a California Bistro, but they have an extensive menu including classic dishes with a California Flair.  They even have scallops from Maine.  Their menu includes a number of vegetarian and gluten free options.

Wedge Salad: All the classic ingredients, but spread out and separated for the compulsive food separators among us.  Jupe and Eric gave it a 3.75
Meatloaf: Eric and Scott each had the Meatloaf, one with the Tomato Sauce and one with Mushroom Sauce.  This started a theme of incredibly tender meat in all the dishes.  They both agreed it was a 4.5
Curry Chicken Salad: Really flavorful but not too hot curry sauce and the aforementioned incredibly tender meat.  Mikey insisted this was a solid 5.0 and Kari and Sarah both agreed.
Corn/Quinoa Spaghetti: Kari got this as a side dish to the Eggplant.  It was hard to see that the spaghetti was anything but regular pasta, but it was still good.  4.0
Egglpant Parmesan: This was the weak link dish.  Okay, but nothing spectacular.  3.0
Pan Seared Maine Scallops: Jupe really enjoyed these (even though he insisted the menu said "marine" vice Maine - he was wrong, I was right.)  I do agree that they deserved a 4.5.
Golden Coconut Shrimp: Sarah was impressed by the now redundant tenderness of the shrimp.  The sweet and sour sauce was excellent.  She gave it a 4.25.

Chicken Picatta: The chicken was incredibly tender and the white wine sauce was good, if a little on the non-tangy side.  I really enjoyed it and feel it deserves a 4.25.

This was a really interesting restaurant with an outstanding food selection.  The only issue we had was that the service was a little slow.  We would have prepared to think it was due to our enjoying our conversation, but it took way to long to get the check when we were ready to go.

Overall, the meal was outstanding and the atmosphere really great.  This is Bumblechick Food's current Best Restaurant in Palm Springs.  We only sampled a few, but this was the best of all.

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