Monday, June 18, 2012

Tio's Tacos - Riverside, CA

What to say about this place...

We actually visited twice, once for dinner and once for breakfast.  To say that this is a must see is an understatement.  The burritos are excellent, everything you expect from an authentic Mexican restaurant.  We tried Carne Asada, Carnitos, Egg and Bacon, Egg and Chorizo, and Egg and Shredded Beef.  All rated a solid 4.0 and made us happy to visit.

This was just the start of the awesomeness.  They have classic fruit drinks made with chunks of fruit  that are amazing!  We had Coconut, Mixed Fruit, Cantalope and Barley!  Every one was unique and wonderful - worth visiting just for these.

Then we toured the grounds.  They go on forever and feature amazing art made up of recycled and found items.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, though I'll warn you, some are "anatomically correct."

You must visit here if you come to Riverside...

The pyramid is made out of empty beer bottles

The inside of the pyramid with a bottle cap chandalier

Water trough inside the pyramid

The roof of the restaurant

Bike embedded (with tons of other crazy stuff) in the sidewalk
Bird made out of garden implements

Water fountain of shells

Anatomically correct man and woman - see if you can find Barbie!

Shovel Fountain

Parking Lot Lights
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