Monday, August 22, 2011

Freight House Antiques - Erving, MA

Why is a food blog writing about an antique store?  Because they have a lunch counter, and a good one to boot.  We stopped in here for a quick lunch and the crazy tea lady I married ended up buying a teapot!  But you don't care about that, you want to hear about the food.

The lunch counter is small, unique and manned by a nice tattooed girl named Rachel.  There were few customers at the small counter, but a steady stream of takeout was being picked up, mainly pastries.  Rachel handled everything from orders, cooking and payment efficiently and in a friendly manner.

I want this post to reflect the great experience we had, so I'll start with the minor quibbles and foibles and close with the great food.

Quibble: The pies on the counter (which were delicious (see below)) were mere inches from us customers and were uncovered.  One sneeze and, you know what!  This didn't stop me from ordering, eating and enjoying the pie, but I would get some glass covers.

Foible:  A sign that said, "No Travel Trash."  We actually all thought that was a cool thing.  As travelers, we have a habit of dropping a bag of car trash at various gas stations, but would never think of doing it at a restaurant.  "Here you go Freight House, a big bag of Taco Bell trash!"  Apparently others are not so considerate.  My wife and I had been arguing about this lately, as she wanted to take small bags of Camp trash to every gas station in the area so we could avoid the dump.  We of course did not do this.  Good for Freight House for requesting what should not need to be suggested.

The Food!

Chili:  Dark, Rich, Hearty and Tasty: 3.5
Gazpacho:  Made with Cucumbers, Peppers, Celery, Parsley, Garlic, Tomatoes and a ton of other good for you and delicious stuff: 4.0
Grilled Tomato, Cheese and Pesto:  Pesto?  On a grilled cheese sandwich?  Hell Yeah!  It was great too! 4.0
Corn Bread:  Sweet and delicious, piping hot: 4.0
Blueberry Pie:  4.5 because you can't beat Grandma's!
Almond Joy Ice Cream:  Coconut, Almonds, Chocolate (duh!) 4.0
Maple Walnut Ice Cream: 3.5

A great lunch stop.  Hopefully we can go back for more food (though that means the wife might get the other teapot she was eyeing.)

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