Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dad called them Warwick Eggs

Most people have seen these eggs (after all they were featured on "V for Vendetta" but I make them with a twist.  Get a piece of wheat bread and cut a hole in the center with a glass. 

Melt a ton of butter in a non-stick skillet (are you listening "C" - owner of NO non-sticks!).  I use a quarter stick of butter.

Drop both parts of the bread into the butter.  (My sister's kids started calling the round piece the "Muff".  Innocent enough at age eight, but potentially awkward later.)  Flip both pieces after a couple seconds so they both get buttered.

Drop a FARM FRESH egg into the hole and then dust with salt and pepper.

For the "Muff" dust with cinnamon and sugar. 
My sister keeps pre-mixed cinnamon and sugar for use at a moment's notice!

After a minute, flip over and spice the flip sides.  Be careful, I regularly screw up and put S&P on the "Muff."

Give it another minute, then re-flip to make sure both sides are good and toasty.  Keep flipping until desired done-ness.

Enjoy immediately, I mean RIGHT NOW!  Do not wait!  The combination of super good eggs with super-dooper good buttery bread plus super dooperly whooperly delicious cinnamon toast is irresistible.

What's better?  Any idiot can do this!  (As long as they have a non-stick skillet - are you listening, "C"?)


  1. for the record, a real cook can make these in a better-for-your-air non stick skillet!! and for those of you with pet birds, you shouldn't use non stick skillets...if you accidentally leave them on the burner and walk away, you just might kill your, let us think about that: if it's gonna kill your bird, do you want to breath it in?? Hmmm.

  2. Looks great. I'll give it a go. Thanks.

  3. My family had a similar dish called Warwicks, but we don't cut out a hole in the bread, just fry an egg directly onto the bread! I wonder where "Warwick" comes from - I always thought it was just my family who called it that.

  4. I think the family member who "invented" them was from Warwick, MA