Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Johnson's Farm, Orange, MA

We have eaten here regularly for years, every time we get up North for the summer.  We have never been disappointed and weren't this time either.  The service was excellent, the coffee delicious and the food wholesome and good (if a tad artery clogging - but who cares about that?)

I had Eggs Irish, which is basically Eggs Benedict with Corned Beef Hash instead of Canadian Bacon.  I had never had it before, but will have again.  I judge Benedicts by the Hollandaise Sauce.  The second highest praise is, "can't tell whether it's homemade or from a mix".  This was true of this sauce, but it qualified for the highest praise, "I don't care if it's from a mix or not, it's frickin' delicious!"  The hash was awesome and the eggs were poached perfectly, lots of runny yolk but no nasty white runniness (this was going to be my made-up word of the day, but lists it, even if the blogspot spell-checker does not.)  I give these eggs a solid 4.5.  They almost got a 5, but I can possibly imagine getting something better, but am not counting on it.

Kari had Maple Walnut pancakes, which were exactly as you would expect them.  Giant slabs of syrup absorbing goodness!  The syrup was their own label, which I am pretty sure they make themselves.  She gave these a 4.

A good trip, one that will be repeated soon....  Okay, I have to be honest, it has already been repeated.  Unfortunately, we have limited internet in Vermont, so this blog post is actually from over 10 days ago.  There will be another Johnson's Farm blog post later today from our trip there yesterday.

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