Monday, August 22, 2011

MacLaomainn's Scottish Pub - Chester, VT

Friendly service, authentic Scottish food if you've got the guts and traditional fare if you don't.  What's not to like.

Four of us stopped in on the way "Upta Camp".  The service was quick and friendly with a great beer selection.  Our waitress, Marla, was helpful and attentive, and C liked her shoes (her actual shoes, no euphemism here.)

Our visit was troubled by the return of P's Tourette's syndrome (it's undiagnosed, but he's got some weird version where he gets obsessed with some word or other and repeats it like a crazy person.)  Once he read Neeps and Tatties on the menu, all we heard was Nipples and Titties all meal!

Anyway, the Food:

Mince and Tatties:  Turnips and Minced Beef with a great sauce.  Delicious, even if you don't like turnips: 4.0
Steak Pie:  A great example of the food.  Dark, rich beef and gravy: 4.0
Old Reekie Stew:  P's not afraid of Scottish food, he orders this every visit.  Cabbage, Cheddar, Carrots and Sausage: 5.0!
Salmon Salad:  The weak point of the meal.  Lettuce a little wilted, not enough dressing: 3.0
Side of Skirlie:  We had to try this after the great sell by Marla.  It's just Onions fried with Oats.  And it's just delicious!  4.0
Bread Pudding: 3.75
Ben Lomond: Chocolate Chip Cookie with Chocolate Sauce: 3.75

A great visit and a must stop if you're in Chester!

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