Thursday, August 25, 2011

Restaurant Week Charleston (and others!)

I am continually surprised at how many locals are not aware of the amazing deals available right in their own backyard.  During the early year restaurant week I mentioned it to my co-workers and not one of them had ever heard of it!

Here's the deal:

In Charleston, they have a restaurant week twice a year.  The next one starts Sept 7th and runs for a week.  During this week, the restaurants offer 3 course meals for between $20 and $40.  You know the menu and pricing before you go there (mostly - some restaurants vary their menu based on available ingredients.)  Some of these restaurants would cost you $100 for a night out, minimum.

Here's the link to Charleston:

You should google your city with the words "restaurant week" to see if your's does it.  I tried a few for you:

Try it, it's fun!

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