Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steve's Park Diner, Middlebury, VT

I wanted to eat at a diner this morning so I slapped "diner" into the GPS and discovered that Steve's was .3 miles from where we were!  Off we went into a crowded Sunday morning diner scene.  This was a good sign, and the one empty booth for us was another (I hate waiting!)

I ordered a breakfast sandwich and a bagel with cream cheese while Kari pulled the switcheroo and ordered Eggs Benedict (that's my dish!)

The Benedict qualified for the "I can't tell if it's homemade or mix" designation, thus earning a 3.5.

The sandwich was good, the bagel properly toasted and the cream cheese was Philadelphia, so 3.5 as well.

I thought the coffee was particularly good and 4 out of the 5 waitstaff were seriously humping it to keep the tables served (there was one lackadaisical busgirl.)

Next time I'm in the mood for a diner in Middlebury, we'll visit again.

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