Sunday, September 4, 2011

10 Great Charleston Restaurants

I promised some people up north that I would blog some good eating ideas in Charleston.  This is the first of three entries on my favorite Charleston restaurants.  This will be my top ten, I will then post my runner up ten, and then a post by dining type.  I will hyperlink as many as I can (though some will be to non-affiliated sites like yelp or facebook.)  The first ten are in no particular order.  I also did not include any I have not personally tried.

The results:

Peninsula Grill
Mustard Seed (any of them)
Fulton 5
Jestine's Kitchen
Charleston Cafe

Let the arguments begin.  To get you started, we did indeed leave Woodlands off the list.  They have been awesome in the past but our last experience really made me hesitant to recommend them.  We will give them another chance sometime and maybe get them back on the list.

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