Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alaska and Northwest Trip - Day 12

At sea for the entire day today.  The seas were pretty rough so seasickness was an issue all day.  We still managed to have a ton of fun.  The schedule was packed with entertaining things.  Here's a sampling:

Played a ridiculously hard game of Foodie Trivia (lost)
I qualified Kari as the third place qualifier in a Slots Tournament.
Played Bingo (lost)
Qualified 3rd in a Blackjack Tournament
Played in a Poker Tournament (lost)
Played Golf (Chipping Contest) by the pool - almost won...
Had amazing food at dinner (had to leave before desert due to seasickness - the amazing view from the giant windows out the back of the ship lose their appeal during pitching seas.)

I had expected a miserable day due to the seas but it was still quite good.  I don't want anyone to be put off of cruising by the seasickness comments - it's very rare for this to happen and we had some bad luck.  Plus, the things that made the land portion so awesome occurred because we travelled late in the season, which increases the risk of iffy weather at sea - so it's a tradeoff.  I would do it again in a minute - and we haven't gotten to the worst weather stories...

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  1. Glad you guys are having fun. Sorry about the sea sickness. At least you have a verandah which should make puking over the side quite convenient.