Thursday, September 8, 2011

Charleston Beer Exchange - Charleston, SC

The be all and end all in beer selection in Charleston.  They don't have everything, but if they don't have something, either no one in Charleston can get it, or you didn't want it anyway.  These guys know there stuff!

The shelves here are absolutely packed with beer!  If you don't see it, ask.  They face a constant battle trying to fit as much beer as possible into a fairly small place, and they manage pretty well.  How do you know they know what they're doing?  Three shelves of Mikkeler beer.  Never heard of it?  You're like most people.  But if you love beer, good beer, these guys are the rockstars!

Make sure to stop in for Rare Beer Tuesday.  This is where they add a great, hard to get beer to their already extensive growler station.

Speaking of growlers.  Don't want to commit to 64oz of beer?  You can get a 32oz growler!  Need more beer for a party?  Get a gallon growler!

I know I don't sound like the objective food blogger...but these guys are where the beer's at.  Don't go downtown without stopping in.  They're right behind the Old Exchange building.

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