Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hot Fries!!

Time for another rant!

Okay, restaurants, let's talk about your most fundamental and totally in your control responsibility.  Get the food to my table hot!  If you can't do that you have failed and might as well quit.  Not everyone's going to love your food, sometimes it's hard to muster the most enthusiasm, sometimes food takes too long to get to the table - we understand these things.  But, when the food is ready, bring it to the table.  And please, for the love of God, if the fries under the warming lamp aren't piping hot - MAKE MORE!!!  For Pete's sake, it's not like they're expensive or anything.  It's not like they take 20 minutes to cook.  Serve them HOT!!  Servers, expediters, managers, if you see food ready to go, get it to the table, don't let it sit!

I know I was in an airport restaurant.  I know they will have business no matter how crappy they are.  I expected surly hostesses and cramped tables.  I didn't expect great food.  I did, however, expect HOT food!

So just send it back you say?  That's not the point.  Someone along the way should have realized the food wasn't going to be hot.  One of the at least three people involved in getting the food to my table should have fixed it.  And do I really want to risk sending my food back to a surly, underpaid, overworked, airport restaurant cook.  Not really.  Besides, they were Kari's fries anyway.  It's the principle!

Are you listening TGIF?  I know you will make tons of money at that location no matter what, but they are sullying your already shaky reputation.  I admit, I will probably go back to another TGIF in an airport again - it's not like there are a ton of great choices.  But the possibility of me going to a normal TGIF has dropped even more.  Think about it.

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