Thursday, September 8, 2011

Samichlaus 2010 Beer

I've been trying these guys since they were the strongest and most unique beer in the world.  In 2002, they were a solid 5.0.  They haven't changed, but the world has caught up.  They are still an awesome beer, but there are actually some better beers out there.  I'd give them a 4.25 nowadays. 

The beer has a ton of flavor for so strong a beer.  It has a dark, syrupy flavor, but without the thickness of some versions of this beer.  The flavor lingers on the back of the throat for several minutes, but doesn't have a bothersome aftertaste.

This beer is also a decent value, compared to some of the extreme beers out there.  $5 a bottle may seem like a lot, but look around at some of the competition.  It's worth it!

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