Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alaska and Northwest Trip - Day 7

Today we boarded the Alaska Railroad again to go from Denali to Anchorage.  Guess who the bartender is: Lindsey!  Today is his last day for the season.  We heard this a lot.  It was the tour director's last day, the Jeep guides last day, The Tundra tour guides second to last day.  This place is closing this week, that place is closing next week.  "Sorry the menu/store selection is limited, we're closing next week."  It was good and bad.  Sales were good, crowding was low, staff enthusiasm was HIGH!  I would not hesitate doing a late season again - plus the foliage!!

To the train pictures:

Our Alaska Railroad train.

Over the river and through the woods...

Seriously, the views get better and better.

Like I said...

And say again.

Another gorgeous river, with spectacular foliage, yawn...

Spawning salmon, doomed to die.

Believe it or not, we got four distinctly different views of Mckinley (Denali) from two trains, a jeep and a bus.  These were dozens of miles apart, and every guide we had said, "You never get to see it this clearly."  Just lucky I guess.

4 Acre Mt (left 17K ft.)  Hunter Mt. (center 14K ft.) Mckinley (right 20K ft.)

Lindsey, the superhro train bartender, minutes from going off the job for good!
After the train ride, we got to our Anchorage hotel at about 9 PM.  We stayed at the Holland America owned Westmark again.  The hotel room was big and nice.  My only suggestion to a future traveller would be to request a room on the upper floors.  Anchorage can be a little noisy and the windows don't block sound well.  Not a huge deal for us, but if you're a light sleeper...

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