Thursday, September 8, 2011

Food Day in Chucktown (Husk for Lunch, Husk Bar, Husk for Dinner)

Had a great day in Charleston today.  Kari and a couple friends went to Husk for lunch, then she and I went to the bar at Husk with a different friend and subsequently to a Restaurant Week dinner at Husk. 

The Lunch at Husk was extremely good.  Kari had Shrimp and Grits with tomatoes, okra, sweet corn and sausage.  Kari is ready to declare this the best shrimp and grits in Charleston (a moving target for her) giving it a 4.5.  She couldn't believe how fresh the ingredients were, it was like the okra and corn was picked that day!

They shared a skillet of Benton's Bacon Cornbread.  When I read Benton's Bacon, I know I'm in for a treat.  It had a really smoky flavor.  They scored it a 4.0

One person had the Husk Cheeseburger with fried potato wedges, scoring it a 4.0.  Many people have declared this the best burger in town.  Kari is inclined to agree.

Another had the NC Fried Catfish.  The catfish was bigger and fattier than usual (in a good way.)  They scored it a 4.5.

Overall a great meal, cementing Husk as a top Charleston restaurant.

At the Bar later, I had a Coast HopArt beer, one of my personal favorites - love those guys at Coast!  4.75!

Kari had a Fatal Kiss - Chocolate infused buffalo Trace, chocolate bitters, jalapeno infused simple syrup and ONE drop of Fatallii hot sauce.  Weaver (the bartender extraordinaire) let us taste a tiny drop of the sauce - it was frickin HOT!!!!.  We scored the drink a 4.5

Our guest had the Copper Lantern, a modern take on the classic Gaslight.  It had Dewars, Husk made sweet vermouth, Cointreau, a drop of local honey and a Drambuie floater.  A solid 4.5.  One of the best things about the Husk Bar (besides the awesome staff) is the home made ingredients.  They even make their own Tonic Water!

While we were there we stumbled into Scott Sheridan from Stone Brewing (another of our favorite breweries.)  We caught up on the past and future beer events he was planning.  You would be amazed how many great beer dinners there are in this city - get out from under your rock!  It was good to see him again.  Too bad we had dinner reservations and couldn't go see his buddy's band play.  Maybe next time.

We then headed over for our dinner at Husk...but that's another entry...

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