Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alaska and Northwest Trip - Day 10

The trip has taken a turn for the interesting.  We are unable to get underway due to hurricane force winds in the Bay of Alaska, so we will be sitting in Seward for a couple of days.  The good news is that the food on the ship is AWESOME, the suite is spectacular and we have a nice lounge that has food most of the day.  The bad news is that the casino can't open!

Took a tour of the kitchen as well as an overall ship tour.  The kitchen tour was fascinating.  There is one crewmember for every two guests!  The dining staff is almost 100% Filipino and they have their own kitchen for their food.

The ship is smaller than a lot of cruise ships, only 1200 ish guests.

There's a monkey in our room!

Our veranda (photo doesn't do it justice!)

The deck around the ship.

The casino.  Friendliest dealers ever!

One of half a dozen bars...

The outdoor pool.

Lido deck with indoor pool and hot tubs.  Has a retractable roof.

One of the many exterior decks.

Living side of suite.

Sleeping side of suite.

View from suite over veranda.

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