Thursday, September 8, 2011

McCrady's - Charleston, SC - Restaurant Week Day One

Oh, thank god it's finally here!  Restaurant Week!  This is the first of three restaurants we will check out before heading to Alaska for a month.

First - a great surprise!  McCrady's is actually offering their full menu choices for the three course RW menu.  That means you can choose from 4 Appetizers, 4 deserts and  EIGHT fish/meat courses!  All for only $40!  You read it here first!

Second - you guys aren't spreading the word about RW.  There were plenty of seats available at 6:30!  Get the word out to your friends - Restaurant Week is where it's at!

To the Food (no wait, Drinks first!)

Deconstructed Margherita:  How do you deconstruct a margherita?  I asked, I got an answer, I still don't know.  But they did it, and it was delicious!  Score: 4.5
McCradys Manhatten: 4.0
PIMMS:  This is a clssic English liquor that is usually served with citrus fruits, juices and somtimes ginger ale.  They hit the nail on the head with this one: 4.25

Now the Food:
Mario's Lettuce's:  Benton's Ham, Great Green's and a Boiled, no wait, fried, no wait - I don't know.  It was shaped like a boiled egg, with a runny yolk, but it had a crisp, fried exterior with panko crumbs.  Score it a solid 4.5.

Housemade Spaghetti:  This was the best!  Lamb, Ricotta, Sauce - delicious!  Score: 4.75!

Beef Ribeye with Potato Puree, Mushrooms, Cauliflower...Amazing.  Sean Brock is a genius!  The meat was perfect!  Great crust on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.  Score: 5.0!

NC Flounder:  The vegetables made this meal.  They wer absolutely superb.  Score 4.0

 The highlight of the deserts was the PB and J.  I can barely describe it except to say it was much like a PB and J, but so complex and delicious: 4.5
The other 2 deserts were good, but a little over-complicated.  Still, a delicious meal.

Service was the usual McCrady's impeccable.  Our waitress was attentive, knowledgeable and relaxed.  Clint Sloan, the Manager and Sommelier was again friendly and enthusiastic.  You can see where the day-to-day execution comes from.

McCrady's remains a solid Top 5 restaurant in Chucktown.  Restayrant Week is a perfect time to check them out, or, hit the Chef's Tasting Menu for a truly spectacular food event!

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