Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rev's Smokehouse Barbecue - Summerville, SC - Closed

This is our second time visiting these guys, and I finally had to ask if they were a chain.  The answer was an emphatic NO!  The reason I asked is that the staff was efficient, the atmosphere well thought out and the operation very professional.  I'm glad they're a local, family run business because it makes me feel even better about recommending them.

As anyone who's read this blog knows, I'm a barbecue fanatic.  I have strong opinions on the subject, but can respect that others have different tastes.  These guys are to my taste!

I am comfortable saying that they are better than any of the "chain" BBQ places in Chucktown.  This includes all of the Bessinger's.  I can't say they're the absolute best, but they are top three at least.  The pulled pork has good flavor without sauce, lots of "bark" and the sauces are well thought out to complement the pork without overpowering it.

They also donate 100% of the profits from their deserts to the Wounded Warrior Project.  As a veteran, I can truly appreciate that (the problem is that you get so much good food for so little money that you're too full for desert!)

The Food:

Pulled Pork: 4.25
Butter Beans: 3.75
Collard Greens: 4.25 (tons of flavor here, one of the best in town!)
Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich: 4.0
Sweet Potato Casserole: 3.5

Fried Okra: This deserves it's own entry.  The best Fried Okra I've ever had.  The fry it whole in a crispy corn meal batter and serve it with a delectable sauce.  I feel it's my duty to try different things every time I visit a restaurant - well that's too bad, I'm having the okra every time!  Solid 5.0!

I love these guys because they're nearly as good as my favorite restaurants and are walking distance from home.  If you don't feel like driving to the middle of nowhere past Holly Hill for BBQ - come here.  They're also open every day except Sunday and Monday!

My new favorite BBQ in Summerville and North Charleston!

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