Monday, September 5, 2011

CRAFTSTEAK - Foxwoods Resort Casino - Mashantucket, CT

Okay, the review is in.  I had a really good night at the tables here, so we decided to go all-in for dinner.  Kari and I, with my Uncle and his wife had an extraordinary dinner here.  We've been fans of Top Chef for a while and have been planning on eating here and in Las Vegas eventually.  If you didn't know, the head judge of Top Chef is Tom Colicchio, owner of CraftSteak.

The atmosphere was excellent, the service impeccable and our waiter, Chris, took great care of us.

We had two bottles of wine with dinner:
Stag's Leap Artemis - 2006.  We rated it a 5.  I won't attempt to throw a bunch of wine fluff at you, suffice it to say, it rocked.
We were going to have a second bottle of it, but apparently we drank the last one, so we followed up with the Cedar Knoll Cabernet, also 2006.  We gave it a 4, and longed for the first bottle again.

The Main courses we had were the Cote de Boeuf (Heart of Beef) and the Wagyu Skirt Steak.  This was out first try of Wagyu - we'll be back.  The two steaks could not have been more different.  As Chris described it, the Cote de Boeuf looked like the steak from the closing credits from The Flintstones, while the Wagyu was dark, rich and extremely dark pink inside.  Both were perfectly cooked with distinctly different flavors.  They presented them to us before resting and slicing, and then delivered them sliced and ready to eat.  The Cote de Boeuf came with the bones filled with a sauce made from the marrow.  We also got three steak sauces that were delicious but ultimately unnecessary.  We gave the Cote de Boeuf a 5, and then had to make a whole new scale to give the Wagyu a 6 - it was that good.  I can only hope to taste steak that good again in my life.

We had a few sides plus unbelievable dinner rolls:
Mixed Mushrooms: 4.0
Cream Corn: 5.0
Garlic Au Gratin Potatoes: 4.75
Orecchiette with Truffles: 5.0
The dinner rolls: 5.0

Trio of Ice Creams: 4.0
Fig (this was the only one that wasn't awesome.)
Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee: 5.0
Roasted Banana Split: 4.25
Red Velvet Cheesecake: 4.5

Also tried a beer:  Mystic Bridge IPA: 4.5 (excellent floral and citrus aromas)

Truly can not wait to go back to this restaurant.  We are going to remember this meal for a lifetime!

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