Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alaska and Northwest Trip - Day 1

Today was all airports, airport food and hotels.  You knw when you get to the airport too early, because Big Sis tells you you need to?  That's what we did.  We decided to grab a snack, and I had to have a beer, so we went to one of the "nicer" restaurants and settled down for an overpriced meal, basic beer and the uncomfortable time ahead waiting for our flight.

Jess and Scott
Just then, we spotted Scott and Jess, two good friends who love to travel and enjoy good food.  They were on their way to Germany for a castle tour!  So instead of a boring wait rehashing the plans for our trip, we compared notes and talked for an hour.  Really made the time go by.  Thanks guys! 

I won't rehash the rest of the food or the day except to say that it was typical, but not as bad as airline travel can be.  Everything was on time, the plane ride wasn't awful (except for loud and annoying kids) and we got a shuttle to our Seattle hotel with no problem.

Tomorrow, it's on to Alaska!!

There is a need for one rant, but I will make that it's own post...

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