Friday, September 9, 2011

Husk - Charleston, SC - Restaurant Week Day 2

What a great dinner!  Husk continues to provide exceptional food with great service.  The food is innovative yet accessible.  Since the first time we ate here, on opening day, I've told people not to be afraid to try anything on the menu.  They are that reliably good!

We started out with a couple of Southern Screwdrivers.  A Basil and Jalapeno flavored take on the original.  This is a phenomenal drink.  They infuse vodka with jalapenos themselves.  We give this a solid 5.0!  I had a Williamsburg Brewing, Chesapeake Pale Ale.  It was quite good, properly bitter, with nice floral and citrus notes.  I give it a 3.5.

On to the Food:
Fried Chicken Wings:  When I got these, on a wooden plate that looked like it was cut from a Koa log, I was enthralled by the skins, but nervous about the hot sauce.  After the first dip, when I discovered that the hot sauce (which was smoky and delicious) was floating on a layer of rich, local honey, I was impressed.  The combination was  delicious and the portion generous.  Another 5.0!

Boiled Peanut Hummus with Hoe Cakes and Heirloom Tomatoes:  I don't like boiled peanuts.  I can't get past a soggy peanut.  Grind them up and make Hummus out of them, now you're talkin'.  Served with beautiful little Hoe Cakes - that's good.  4.75!

Beet Salad with Ham Vinaigrette:  Beautifully presented with a beet puree swipe in the bowl.  4.5

Lamb Tureen:  The lamb.  How do I describe the lamb.  It was perfect.  Everything you want in Lamb without the mess and fuss of ribs and steaks etc.  It was sliceable, delicious and served with a wonderful Red Pepper Puree.  I even enjoyed the squash.  I've never liked squash that much since my childhood when every idiot with a square foot of land grew giant squashes and gave them away.  Being that free food was nothing to be sneezed at while I grew up - we ate a lot of squash.  But I'll eat it if Husk puts it in front of me - Good Stuff!!  4.75

SC Beef with Pees, Potatoes and Turnip Puree:  Perfectly cooked and presented - 4.0

Cornmeal Dusted Catfish with Cabbage:  Also excellent, flaky and perfectly breaded.  4.0

Oatmeal Pie:  Running out of words to describe such good food.  I try not to have this every time I come, but I usually do.  5.0

Apple Crisp:  Fresh delicious apples, great crisp.  4.5

Butterscotch Pudding served in a tiny Canning Jar:  It's hard to believe that you can improve on pudding.  But they did.  4.25

We love the effort taken to ensure every aspect of the meal is perfect.  The rolls with pork and honey butter.  The earthy serving plates, the french press coffee and delicious detail is left unattended to.

Husk has delivered since they've opened.  I know the Bumblechick Seal of Approval is not quite as prestigious as Bon Appetit, but here it is.  Husk is the Best Restaurant in Charleston.  Hands down, no debate.

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