Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alaska and Northwest Trip - Day 6

We took the Tundra Wilderness Tour into Denali Park.  It's included in the Holland America tour itinerary.  Lots of animals in Denali.  Bears, Moose, Dall Sheep, Caribou, Eagles, Ground Squirrels, Ptarmigan...Also great views of Mt Mckinley (Denali to Alaskans.)  This tour is amazing and well worth it if you go.
Mt. Mckinley (Denali)
Alaskan State Bird - Ptarmigan
Moose Cow and her Calf, wandering up a drainage area.
When the driver said Ground Squirrel I thought, no big deal, but these are not your usual squirrels.
Another great view of Denali.  The guides say only 30% ever get a peek at the mountain, and even fewer get a clear view.
Dall Sheep on a mountainside.
Bull Moose looking for love.
Dall Sheep chewing the food she ate in the morning.
Herd of Caribou on the move.
Golden Eagle with what looks like a ground squirrel in her claws.
Grizzley Bear minding his own business.
Grizzley Bear suggesting I mind my own business.
Bull Mooose is outta here...

Then a trip in 4WD Jeep's down Stampede Rd.  This is the road that Christopher McCandliss (the guy in "Into the Wild" took to the bus where he died...The off-roading was awesome (we get to drive!).  None of the pictures from the Jeeps came out because the road was too rough.  I had tons of fun, mostly because they weren't my Jeeps.

Dude in the cabin owns the land, the lake and more...

Mt. Mckinley from a different angle.  This is dozens of miles from the previous picture.

Eating our beef stew around the campfire.  Just a few miles from the scene of "Into the Wild"

Buddy, the itinerant dog that tags along on whatever tours he wants.

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