Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alaska and Northwest Trip - Day 3

Our first full day in Alaska!  We were joined by Kari's parents for a walk into downtown Fairbanks.  The Birch Trees are amazing!  They are just starting to change colors, so the leaves are a center of green surrounded by a band of yellow.  They are absolutely beautiful!

We wandered into the downtown Co-op.  A cooperative mini-mall where the shopowners share responsibility for expenses and staffing.  The Co-op arts store had amazing art and photography with an extremely friendly and talkative owner.

We had breakfast at the diner.  It was forgettable except for the extremely friendly and attentive waitress, Franklene.  She seemed to know that the cook was a f-up and was very apologetic.  Kari and Alma went back after touring the Farmer's Market to get Philly Cheesesteaks, which were better.

At the Farmer's Market, they got Salmon Crepes and Birch Syrup Crepes.  Birch Syrup is similar to a light molasses.  These were excellent!

They were extremely friendly at the Market.  One guy let them taste his honey and described his beekeeping efforts.  The produce was excellent.  The long days in Alaska make for a short growing season, but very large and delicious produce.

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