Monday, September 5, 2011

Taps Brews - Summerville, SC

Remember when you couldn't get a decent beer in Charleston - well those days have been over for a while.  The latest entry Into the beer world is destined to be a favorite of mine for a number of reasons:

I can buy beer to take home or I can drink them there.
450 different bottled beers (with a goal of 1000)
8+ beers on tap
Beer tastings and other events
It's within walking distance of my house!

There are many other reasons, but those are the top five.  They also have friendly and extremely knowledgeable owners (who homebrew.)  These guys have a passion for beer.  I knew I was in a good place when I see Mikkeler on the shelves and a guy at the bar drinking one.  While we were there a couple stopped in who were on their own beer and brewery tour of Charleston!

I had a Stone Black IPA (Sublimely Self Righteous) and Kari had a Dogfish Head Namaste.  Both were on tap, along with other equally delicious brews.  I won't bother to rate them, you know what you like.  We also picked up a couple of bottles of The Stone Green Tea IPA collaboration.

I cannot exaggerate how impressed I am with this place.  They are located in the Walmart Shopping Plaza on Dorchester Rd in Summerville - off to the right as you go in (head towards the Mexican place and they're off to the right.)

Make sure to stop in for a chat and a brew.

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